An exhibition of my dream - "50 Things about TARUC"

... following from the caption from my fan page on FACEBOOK...

"Everyone has grown up" that was first thing in my mind when I met them again earlier this semester, but something just positively telling me that I do not have to worry about them.

The exhibition was always something that I want to organize, therefore I proposed to them to organize an exhibition with the theme of odd facts about the school, joining the forces with the PR student to make it even better.

The beginning stage was not easy, where they are merely a newbie to the "industry" - I purposely created the agency-client-sphere, to furnish them with a little bit of experience on how the outside world is doing their business. We in the industry know we depend on "brief" all the time, I make that as part of the assignment.

As soon as the first joint meeting, there are tons of requests literally and precisely, that flows into their box, here comes the challenge - you cannot file any complaint in front of your client, however, you have to deliver works which I hope even more than your client's expectation - my challenge is, the client is my student too, while the client's project is my project too.

Seems like no one understands my situation.

However, jobs mean jobs, things have to get done no matter how, no matter how many dissatisfactions, obstacles, we have to get it done by the deadline. 

Setting up 2 assignments under one roof is a big challenge, although both the assignment seems linked, but the weight was doubled - my student actually not only organizing exhibition, where they have to produce the exhibit items, nothing was existed before this to allow them to just take and demonstrate, but they have to produce it.

Well, it seems the weight was not doubled but tripled.

I still remembered the pressure that I gave to the chief when they are not able to deliver the client request on time, with the excuse of other assignments, but I knew by the fact is not solely about the assignment, I quickly question why - that is my job as "boss", by the afternoon, the art was delivered to the client side, although there is still a little bit of thing that has to be amended.

The agency stage was tough, but they made it through. Not forgetting every meeting time, they have to discuss not only the client's matter but also exhibition.

During the exhibition preparation stage, I don't want to mention the sponsorship, but to me, zero deficit with the return of student contribution is a great success, to this exhibition scale, with that sum of the amount of sponsorship, I am pretty impressed - in fact I am ready in the very beginning that I will use my own money to fund this exhibition, but I didn't.

I did discuss with my practical trainer, my counterpart, we identified the skillful individuals that we believed they definitely able to be delivered, which yep it turns up true, that I am pretty satisfied when the outcome was like that.

If you asked me what do I did the most to help? I only kept on insisting the fact "we need lighting and we need to manage the light to create the impression." - they knew that, and it was delivered.

The only thing that dissatisfies me was the time management, where we encountered hiccups during the event day, where the exhibition was delayed one hour - I sensed that when I see the work wasn't done during a few days before the event, it was only 60-70% completion, but I still trust them.

"Trust" is my biggest investment when I am willing to let them to do the work.

Exhibition was delayed for 1 hour, but we received countless of compliment, and some visitors thought it was architecture students work when they see the models art, especially the 2 miniatures in the exhibition, where it capture a lot of eyeballs.

The most important thing, to me, it is a great success.

My kids, I have few things to say,

You have been through challenges, but always mirror yourself and ask a question, "have you done your best?" or yet? 

Reading all your feedback, I am satisfied with what I have decided and executed, I know it is a challenge when I want to conduct a mock agency lifestyle in your assignment, but you have learned.

If you do not realized, that you have done more than what you capable to, at least you tried, graphic designing, model construction, dancing, ushering, motion graphic production, art piece production, clay arts, and many more.

You are basically, to me, more than what you capable of,

BUT, here are few tips that you really have to remember,

Firstly, responsibility and priority, always remember what is your responsibility, AS a student you deliver for your assignment; Priority, As a student, you deliver work as a student, your priority should be as a student.

Secondly, attention, always pay attention, in the real world, no one willing to repeat again.

Thirdly, do not be a bystander, in the real world, people who wait will be definitely defeated by people who take action first.

Forth, master your communication skill, sometimes you are not convincing enough due to your restriction of language, master it and practice it.

Fifth, respect. Which your leader, has mentioned many times.

Kids, assignment comes and goes, what is most important is the experience, take the experience as your weapon, and bullet, and be ready for the real warzone - the industry.

Thanks for completing my dream:)