A concerned Malaysian's letter to Dr Mazlee Malik, Malaysia Education Minister

Dear Dr Mazlee Malik, 
Education Minister

I am writing this to bring your attention to the not-so-fair treatment when it comes to non-academic-learning in tertiary education institution (University, University College, Colleges), especially the permission to set up religious study group or societies in the UC.

I study in KDU College back in 2008 and formed KDU Buddhism Study Club, and I believed that it is because of the more open-minded thinking sphere in urban city, KDU Department of Student Affairs agreed on the establishment after I able to find 20 members who supported the formation of this religious class - though I left the college in 2009 after graduation, no student willing to hold on the responsibilities, ends up the club closes down after a few years.

We are considered lucky when we compared with other UC, especially when it comes to public university, specifically up north in Malaysia peninsular region.

KDUBSC was part of YBAM’s IYBCC. YBAM, or known as Young Buddhist Association Malaysia, is the young Buddhist association who assisted in Buddhism propagation among the younger generation. Inter-varsity Youth Buddhist Coordinating Council (IYBCC) is an annual general meeting, which organised twice a year by the said association, to gather the thought of Buddhism club and society among the varsities, as well as to solve certain organisation’ issue during their encountering with the student affairs, of their respective university.

The sad case is, some of the universities, specifically the public university, restrict the Buddhist student to establish a Buddhist Association/ Society in their respective school.

In the article 3 of Malaysia Constitution: The State Religion, Islam is the religion of the Federation, but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.

Islam, as Dr’s knowledge and my understanding, teaches the Muslim to communicate with each other, and being compassionate and respect each other, proof the peace that Islam wanted, even though the world is in a various faith sphere now.

Without the permission by the highest authority of the school, equal to restriction to form the society, therefore student is not able to understand different religion, which might cause misunderstanding.

In the article 11 of Malaysia Constitution: Freedom of Religion, every person has the right to profess and practice his religion. However, under the same article, quote “(4) State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.” 

The article clearly explained and by meaning that, there should be a freedom for the faithful followers to propagate as long as it doesn’t conduct among persons professing Islam - however Dr, we can clearly state the activity of religion is “restricted for non-Muslim only” but we cannot stop a human despite their religion to approach and wanted to know more. 

I believed strongly, “Religion is Education” from the aspect or morale, it will boost up the understanding among all the religion, as well to boost up a human quality of individual - hence religion education should not be an “enforcement” but it should be “willing to understand” - I also urge that Dr Mazlee will also look into the respective law that somehow gives a very wrong perception towards people who practice their own religion. 

I speak not on behalf of anyone, but if I am permitted to speak on behalf, I hope that I can represent not only Buddhist but also other faith in Malaysia, that still faced challenges of formation of religious society in their university and colleges.
I know Dr, you are busy in reforming the education system, however, I hope that you can also look into this as well, to merge, or somehow added in the certain percentage of thought into your new plan.

I am ready to assist you, if my assistance is needed, as I previous I see no chance as the previous government don’t give any concentration in this, but I am really wanted to see this as I see hope in this current government.

With sincere,
Kenn Yeap

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