Noda Hiroshi: The Downfall of Malaysia Media, everything related.

If you really look into what is happening right now in our media, broadcasting industry, basically everything is related (somehow, indirectly).

2018, a massive amount of digital agency growing like an after rain mushroom in Malaysia, which make the market even more competitive. This somehow marks the beginning of the digital era in Malaysia, officially, but in the same time announcing that the end of the traditional electronic media in Malaysia.

Maybe it is a harsh statement of saying the end of the era of traditional electronic media in Malaysia, however the fact that Media Prima is not earning from their main sources of income but from the digital, same goes to ASTRO which expanding their digital business, it is undeniable fact that TV is no longer the king of communication in 2018 but internet.

Everything is related, the reason being that TV business is not able to function well or making money, the biggest reason is that the audience cannot see (watch) something that they wanted to on the national TV. Despite the violence, where we cannot touch on it because we want to ensure a healthy society growth, but why we cannot discuss religion as well as politic on the national screen, and why we cannot judge the government based on the citizen observation, and openly discuss their performances.

Malaysia screen content was regulated by many agency and ministry, Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission, National Film Development Board, National Film Filter Board (LPF) and many more are regulating the content on screen, based on the constitution, and somehow based on those non-written-society-understanding which only they understand it. For instance, Islam is the official religion, the rest can freely practice their faith, however why we cannot preach other religion on TV?

Another example, when we “declare” that we are secular state but just part of the Islamic nation alliance – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), why do the other races, non-Muslim cannot access to content that supposed to be free for non-believer, for instance, kissing scene, and male go topless, and sexy dress during award show. The respective office which stops this will just say, “Because we have to respect the Muslim community” but have you respect the non-Muslim community.

Restrictions that have been ordered by them to execute and follow has indirectly and directly urged the audience to go to other option when they want to access to some material that is not able to access in national broadcasting platforms, which then urge Malaysian to watch those content – which is permitted in other countries, online. Despite legal portal or illegal one, the viewership and clicks are even higher than the national TV viewership.

When that happened, the arts and culture agency will step out and say “why do Malaysian never support Malaysian’s content” – simple, because we want to watch something which is not predetermined by the manipulated producer.

Manipulated content simply means that, the producer of the TV content is somehow been influenced naturally or with force, that they have to produce something that only says good but not bad thing – Mainstream electronic media only can comment good aspect of the governing political alliance but not the bad side of them, and the mainstream somehow need to condemn the opposition with no reason.

“Forcing the audience to watch something they are not willing to? Effective or not?”

When the audience doesn’t want to watch, the platform slowly become something which is not important, it will then be close down – one platform which supposed to be an opportunity for talent then ended up just like that.

Information platform play a vital role in a country, where the information mechanic act as the disseminator of information and news to the citizens, despite that people has to turn into digital platform, TV, and radio both actually is an important weapon to the government, but the government is not putting effort in securing the quality of RTM and ensuring the quantity of audience of this national broadcasting centre.

If you ask around, a quick response from the random survey on the street about RTM TV and Radio, most of them will say “Dull, Boring, Low Class, Not helpful.” - a straightforward impression towards the national broadcasting system, which is supposed to represent a nation’s images.

Speaking about “regulating the content” (True side: Media Controlling) all the broadcasting system in Malaysia are being licensed to air cast, shall you violate something according to the code (true side: you made the governing political party not happy) you will lose the most important license.

Regulating Code for Broadcasting simply means there is a strict regulation towards something that will create a chaos in the society or elements that will be brought up the racial sentimental issue. But Malaysia government sees “issue that raised by opposition definitely consider something that will create society issue.” but the real side of that is basically opposition doing their watchdog role, which is to ensure the government is doing their job, by raising up their concern. Hence it has been translated by the government as “Something that will cause a chaos in Malaysia society” - the level of maturity proven low.

Accept the fact that no one is consuming RTM content, then Media Prima is losing power because the owner is the coalition party chief, and then ASTRO is facing the biggest villain which is internet, which made three of the media conglomerates has to venture into digital platform in order to keep themselves qualify in the war. Star Media group has also opened a new platform - DIMSUM, that broadcast international content.

“Yes, all platform are now targeting international content for the local audience, then how about local content for the local audience?” 

When we speak about the entertainment industry, it is one of the biggest art assets of the country, the images and brand of the country as well as the significant identity of the nation. These entertainers they need to be shiny as a diamond in order to make them someone who can represent Malaysia - but the platforms that can make them shine has fallen - those no-one-watch-TV and no-one-listen-Radio.

Everyone is internet-ing now, now is the era of “I determined my own TV schedule” no more the era of “TV schedule determine my lifestyle” these have boost up the growth of YOUTUBE star in Malaysia, growing rapidly on the world wide web, we laugh when we say, “putting local actor and youtube star side by side at the busy street, people will recognise the youtube star but not the local actor, even sadder is three different races of people recognise the youtube star, but the same race people won't even recognise the local actor.”

Other than this ministry, the ministry of youth and sports, tourism and culture not paying any attention towards this industry, but let it die just like that. Supposedly three of these ministries has to work together to ensure sufficient platform is provided for the entertainer, to ensure they able to go on air to showcase their talent, the minister might be saying “We gave them platform, they always perform on TV” but dear honourable, do you realised that is you the one who cause no one is watching the TV and Radio because of your overreacting regulation? - you are sending a goat to the desert, where they cant find grass and water!

Till today, no political party or alliance has really looked into media regulating, freedom for media. But the current governing alliance trying to regulate internet - they are trying to use a tiny thread to tight the elephant.

And last, you no need to worry about the media, or the internet if you have done nothing wrong.







對我個人而言,首要媒體(Media Prima)隸屬在我國最大執政黨之下(Malay Online, 2017) 的ntv7是一個叛逆的小孩,在我國廣播不能公開談論政治的限制情況之下,ntv7在2018政治海嘯後的製作了談話節目《非談不可》,2010年農曆新年前的2月8日在隆雪華堂针对"民联国陣KPI 大比拼”展开辯论, 直播後,這個節目得到全馬各地觀眾的支持,但是卻很快的被要求關掉節目了,原因很簡單,就是抵觸了非字面記載的廣播傳統 - 公開討論政治和質問政府成效。




說回2018年的ntv7,我不知道這改革背後的意義會是如何,或許該電視台碰到了「不轉型就不會有好結果的階段」,可是2018年是大選年,會否這樣的舉動,也讓華社覺得「此舉必有政治因素呢?」- 因為ntv7的人都做一些讓政府難看、政黨難言的事情,所以改掉?




國民陣線就好像一直覺得「控制/管制媒體是上道」可是卻忽略了社會進步已經不再投靠傳統媒體了,這一仗會是怎樣的成果 - 奧巴馬是在2008年因為強力的網絡戰而勝出,十年後馬來西亞會這樣嗎?





















第二學期結束前,我與韓新的同學結下了緣份,教導公關系的學生籌備活動,而他們選了「馬來西亞本地音樂」為課題 - 或許可能被發現是音樂社團的主席吧,其實我內心是很激動的。



我的答案是,「我們要繼續。」 如果我們不做的話,幾時才會有人開始。



2018年3月31 - 4月1日,韓新公關系學生將在吉隆坡Quill City Mall舉辦「Heartbeat响心乐目」音樂活動,屆時有一系列的音樂樂器展覽及音樂表演,希望大家多多支持。