NodaHiroshi: Residing in uncivilised civilian self proclaimed civilised country

Reading for couple of time of the topic that I written above, then you might understand what I am trying to deliver here.

Yes, I am a 30 years old Malaysian, who spent a quarter of my life - if I am lucky to live until 100 years old in Malaysia, a peaceful and “civilised” country that this status of “civilised” was claimed by most of the uncivilised people.

Definition of Civilised simply means that the residents who stay within a border are intellectually and emotionally stable to manage their life, in the aspects of how to run the country, how to manage and interact with people, or at least how to manage our rubbish.

Once our former Education Minister said that Malaysia Education are among the top ranked in the world, The Malaysian Digest web portal once published the news similar about it in 2015, we are at the rank of 52 out of 72 countries, where top five was leaded by Asian Countries - this seems to prove that we are really an educated group of earthlings.

Question is “which part of the society proved that we are educated?”

Apology for some racial issues that I would like to raise here, before that I do respect ALL races in Malaysia, despite you are the 60 over percent or the almost 25 percent in Malaysia, but I myself is a Chinese, feel like it is such a disgrace sometime to be name as the Malaysian Chinese.

Not all, but most, the Malaysian Chinese will take Emotional at the first place to consider first then follow by reason and the legislative or law will only come at the last to consider. For instance, “If I violate the traffic light rules, I still march even it is red light, can you forgive me because I violate it for the first time?” - in this case, we might need to reconsider whether we still need the legislative system in Malaysia.

Are we educated? Are we civilised?

  • When we still throw rubbish not into the bin but outside the rubbish bin.
  • When you see rubbish on the floor, but you think that other will pick it up but not you
  • When you insist the hygiene in your car, then you throw your rubbish out from the car.
  • When you spit out from your car to the floor and think that “it will be evaporate later”
  • When you leave your rubbish on a public area and think “the cleaner is hired for the job”

One RUBBISH can easily explained that we are not really that educated, academically yes, but morally NO.

It is such a shame that this so call civilised country is residing by uncivilised civilians, lets talk about behaviour in cinema.

When you bought a single seat along the aisle, and you are slightly late into the theatre, you approaching your row, and you realized the guy sitting next to you was lifting up his feet on the backseat of the front row, well he felt sorry and he put down his leg and let you pass through, but then he lifted it up again on the same position, feeling like he does not do anything wrong.

And the worst part is, you sees kids sitting next to him - not assuming anything, but no matter the guy is a family member of the kid or not, you have become the role model.

Talking in theatre is normal in Malaysia, but there are different levels of annoyance that you need to standby. Firstly, they thought that the level of voice is low but actually is normal chatter voices level in Mamak Stall. Secondly, answering phone calls like this is the living hall. Thirdlt, talk really loud and discussing how dumb is the actor and actresses - not mentioning when the scene is about the breakup of the hero and heroin.

We live under “defined” society, that the 60 years of definition has been haunted our life, and become our lifestyle, and also educate us on how to become Malaysian; it was define that crossing the road even it is red light for pedestrian user is permitted, as long as you don’t cause a traffic accidents.

Those definition that has been with us for 60 years, and are we going to allow it for the next 60 years? You tell me!

I am doing my best to play part in the society, because I am residing here, but the question that always crossed through my mind every morning I woke up is “Should I fit into the society because I am Malaysia, or should I not fit into this mutant society? But if I don’t fit into this mutant-ed society, am I consider a patriotic Malaysian?”
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