NodaHiroshi: A Recap of Electronic Advertising

A Recap of Advertising for Electronic Media

Advertising for Electronic Media, focuses on two aspects: The “Advertising” and the “Electronic Media”, before we move to understand more Electronic Media in Advertising’s language, we must understand what is Advertising.

The existence of Advertising comes in purpose, first we have to understand what is/are the nature of advertising; Advertising plays important roles in the Economy, Society, Marketing, and most importantly advertising is a communication tools that helps the sender (advertiser) to send message to the received (audience)

To understand Advertising, we too have to understand the advertising’s material, what are those advertising materials that we are referring to? For the print, we know the important of visual, photos; for the commercial, the importance of video and footages, and both no matter for the print or for the commercial, the script/copy play important roles too.

Script and Copy - one of the elements that deliver either Factual, Imagination or Emotional approaches to the audience, can be apply in no matter print and video advertisements; it can be applied on the dialogue, voice over, or the key text in the advertising materials.

However, no matter how strong your advertisement is, it definitely has the pros and cons side that restrict your ads effectiveness, for example TVC is definitely not going to be effective to visual impaired and RC is not going to play effect to the hearing impaired.

Advertiser basically has the products and budget where they are clear with their own products, however they have to depends on someone - the advertising agency to do the job for ’em. The jobs that advertising agency has to do: Study on their Client, what is the product, price, place, and people, and the advertising agency has to craft out the advertising plan for their client, in electronic media, the TV commercial.

There are stages of research that the advertising agency need to do; simply to understand a before and after. And agency will also focus on the previous advertising that has been done by the client. And agency should be understand when is the best time to advertise, and what kind of messages that need to be highlight during the stages.

Doing jobs is not free, especially doing advertisement is not going to be only one price; producing TVC cost not only the creative production cost, but you have to buy the media space for you to place your ads, not forgetting you are paying the advertising agency money too - therefore Advertising Agency has to keep a good relationship with them.

If the relationship is broken, it is going to be hard for the advertising agency to move on, and the client might don’t want to further collaborate with them.

Then we should know more about electronic media.

In 20th century, we cannot deny the fact that the new media technology has take over the existing TV and Radio, but the concept of how to advertise are quite similar; it is all about the competition, because previously the competition is on TV where audience determined their lifestyle based on TV schedule, but now people are being informed on digital platform, which caused all the competition has move from TV to Social Media - what is happening and what has caused that happened?

But the concept is similar; including pre plan of the commercial production, you need to conceptualise the entire plan, drafting out storyboard and propose to your client, and your client approved that we time and budget, then you proceed to producing it, and then publish it.

It is impossible that all the advertiser producing the same advertisement - same treatment for all products? aren’t it boring? there are many types of advertisement, many treatment. Howard Luck once said, “the real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. But people read what interest them, and sometimes it’s an AD.” 

Advertising Agency knows the 5W1H well when it comes to advertise, for instance when to deliver the radio ads - common sense, we advertise when most of our target audience is logging into that platform at one particular time. Which platforms, channel is the best - this comes to the media planning part.

Advertising plays an important role in shaping the society thought too, therefore many sociological aspects has comes into deep thought by the sociologist or society itself, for instance why do we have to link sexy girl with car, and handsome dude with perfume.

Advertising for Electronic Media, basically prepared you to assist your client to deliver the best advertisement in the best form.

Written by,
Kenn Yeap
Advertising for Electronic Media Lecturer

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