Foreign Worker as Security Guard, safe or no safe?

To foreigner, we are always play the friendly card because we meant it; even though that the world has a different thought towards China traveller, Malaysia is still open wide its hand to welcome the most no-manner-kind of China traveller to Malaysia - after all it is to boost up the tourism earning.

To the foreign worker, for the professionals, they are almost eaten up the important position in conglomerates, even MAS new CEO is an Irish, well as long as they can help to boost up the country’ economy then why not.

I have the only problem with the other “kind” of foreign worker.

Yesterday night, I went to Covillea Bukit Jalil for an overnight project, when I reached, it was almost 12am, I am queuing up at the main entrance where there is another car lining up in front of me.

I was thinking why it takes so long, but then I convinced myself that “It is a luxurious condominium, so strict security need to take action, thats why it is very tight.”

One of the security, walk out from his post and towards me, indicate me to wind down my window, and he asked,

“Which unit?”
“ (Saying the unit number)”

Then the conversation pause for 5 seconds, the most awkward 5 seconds, and he then said,

“You call the owner come down.” and he walks away. This is the manner?

Again I convinced myself, well it is a tight security so I have to follow the rules here, i then text my friend to come down, but my friend explained that you can get him to intercom, so he do not need to come down; well yeah, why do we have intercom? It is to make your life easier.

I walked down from my car, and approached the security post; and I am waiting outside the post, both the security guard ignoring me - I swear, they are ignoring me, no matter how I try to establish a conversation with them.

I return to my car and wait patiently to my turn, but I got really pissed with the no-manner-talk and also ignorance.

When it is my turn, I called my friend and I passed the phone to them, and I heard a walkie conversation in foreign language, later, I have a form to fill to indicate that I am staying overnight here. 

The entire atmosphere was like, I am a suspect who is going to demolish the building.

After I parked my car, I walked to my friend’s unit’ block, and the second layer of security was the usual condominium glass door, which it required an access card; the security guard was quite few metres away, where he walked so slowly towards me, with unbutton uniform, and he asked,

“Mana pergi?” (where do you want to go?)

“I am visitor.” - I actually plan to say, “no la, I am going to the top of the building to sell some fish.”

He then point at the logbook and without saying anything, I was tired, and I do not want to say anything, I just write down whatever information that they need.

The next thing was really scary

When i reached the floor, two security guard were standing there; I was searching for the unit, and the 2 security guards talk to me, “Mana?”

“Saya visitor, cari (unit number)”  - I am visitor, i am looking for the unit number.

“Sini!” Here - with a very fierce look.

This unbutton uniform security guard ring the doorbell, and I heard someone is walking out from the house, when he saw my friend was at the door, he then raised up his voice

“Lu tenant, lu owner?” (Are you the tenant or owner?)

“Saya tenant.” (I’m the tenant)

“Lain kali lu turun, kalau tak turun, visitor parking luar!” (He then shouted next time go down, if you are not going down, your visitor have to park outside!)

I can’t control anymore and I then I response,

“Cant you guys speak soft and with manner, you guys don't know how to start your conversation with manner and at least said excuse me, good evening, you guys are ordering visitor, this kind of manner?”

He then mumbling in Malay, and I think he sensed my anger; he then want to stop me from talking, but then i yelled and said “you please listen to me! Dont start talking!”

Then I explained to him in a tense tone and said you guys has no manner at all.

He then said “If you want, complain la!”

Then I said “I will complain!.”

He then said “Next time dont come to this condo!” - and he walked away.

Then I heard from my friend, that a lot of tenant and owner has been complaint about the security guards

To Covillea Condominium Joint Management Board

Do you still want to recruit some foreign worker who don't even know how to converse in good BM or English?

Do you need a group of no-manner security guards to guard your condominium?

I have been making a lot of complain regarding foreign worker who work as security guard or any security position, especially those foreign worker who cannot converse in good local language. 

Everytime I remind myself to speak common language for everyone understanding, for the foreign worker who likes to use their mother tongue to converse in front of other people who dont even understand them - dont you feel threat? because you dont know whether they will say something bad about you?

I am still not satisfy with the foreign worker policy in Malaysia, and has been talking a lot about this issue, I do hope the respective agency, government department will look into this matter!

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