Updates updates about Kenn's October 2010

Well, in Malay Language, there is a idiom saying that times flies by within a wink.
And yes, time flies by and now is already November.

There is too much of things happened in October 2010, I mean through out the years, things happened. But I quoted WenYi Chan, my another blogger friends, that said we should keep everything happened before somewhere - then i chose Blog, because I can keep my story recorded and in the same time shares to others.

KDUBSC (the buddhist club that I attached with are now on the track)
has done its 2-years annual project,
exhibition project called "Discover the truth of Buddhism" and it gained lots of supports.
And some non-Buddhist also requested that whether they can learned about meditation.

October is also the worst month for me -
the decision has made, and I returned the car to her. With lots of tears and upsets.
I can't really understand that there is a friend of mine, precious friend of mine giving me non-friend response towards this relationship.
Well, every single words and action since the break up i can see is hurting me a lots.
Well, let go means let go.

I got an offer from Life Publishing House, Nanyang a great press company in Malaysia to work as a reported for magazines, is my honor.
Well, is a kinda hard for me now,
a guy without transport that has to work as a reporter, yet,
I think I can go through this harsh time.
Need prayer and blessing from everywhere. (Check out the only post on 20102010)

Went for couple of Buddhist ceremony and rejoice.

Venerable Geshe-la Tenzin Zopa
promised to become our club religious guru,
and also granted the refuges to Buddha Dharma Sangha.

Spending much more times at home allow me
to learn more about Buddhism,
and let me have chance to know His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche,
that I pray hard that his eminence can come to Malaysia.

Practising Loving Kindness is the most thing happening in October, and I shall continue.

Giving a present to Geshe-la Tenzin Zopa
Group picture with Venerable Ru Yin from Fo Guang Shan
Group Picture with Geshe Tenzin Zopa during our exhibition in our campus

Attended Thanksgiving dinner with Khenrinpoche-la and Geshe-la

Well, I teached meditation again. ^^



Dear friends of mine,

i realized some of my friends who don't understand Buddhism in my class, said that I am crazy, believing such religion and so on, I don't feel sad at all, but I just hope that he or she can understand me one day... i shall wait until the day that he or she wanted to know more about Buddhism then I shall approach to him or her.

This is my personal point of view, and it already becomes my quote lar for those who know me, Buddhism is a teaching to get rid of suffers, as the Lord Buddha had said that the world and life is suffering, in the same time he also taught us the ways to get rid of suffering - Now, you think, is there only Buddhist that is not happy, suffered? or is there only Buddhist that always upset? and is there only Buddhist that wants to get rid of suffer and unhappiness?

Is everyone

My pont of view towards buddhism is "Buddhism is not only belongs to Buddhist, yet it is a teaching belongs to everyone in the world, every sentient beings in the world."

Below is my beloved Guru Kalu Rinpoche, talks about Buddhism.

For those who refuse some streams of Buddhism then you should see the video that I just shared. Lam Rin Chen Po said that we should practise Buddhism as a whole, not just specific on Mahayana Theravada or Vajrayana, the fact that all three of them all from Buddha! So what is the different?


Kalu Rinpoche in Taiwan

Kalu Rinpoche:

When we do things we have to do from our heart

The meaning of the dharma is to practice, the practice is to give a training to our mind, heart; but the truth is we don't need to train our heart, and pure mind, because the pure mind is a buddha nature.


Short Update before i go to sleep

Another day of my life, introduction sounds really down, but nope, today still is a okay day for me. Woke up early as usual, because Buddha call me wake up early today also (renovation started as well) unexpectedly drilling still going on.

But I did something bad this morning. I switched on my amplifier, my hifi system all synchronized with my laptop, and I played rock songs, volume to the max. They did stop a while, but continue in a short while – then I realized that my action was a stupid act.

While they are doing their renovation, I also doing mine which revamping my new blog, did some photoshopped works and then it comes out very nice. Happy.

Hope you guys can show support always to me ya.


黄威尔《愛與不愛》寂寞•城市 音樂愛情短片







Hai Chao Hui Concert


我的主持生涯 My Hosting Life

Early this month, I co-emceed a dinner, my precious experiences because I able to entertain some monks, and nuns including my teacher, Geshe Tenzin Zopa who laughing loud really loud, when i throw some jokes on the stages.

Cameraman was laughing out really loud as well, so the cameraman doesn't really took much of my photos. Well, I did took some pictures with my host, and also my friends.

Well, what I actually did, because the choir team hasn't fully prepared yet, actually they are changing their costume, well in the same time, there was no food on the table, I quickly step onto the stage and start crapping, below are the question i asked,

"How is the food today!" They answered NICE with claps

Then i asked myself, what should i do when waiting for them on stage, someone stand up and say "YOU SING!" WHAT?!!!??!!, well, i said that i couldn't because i really can't, but then I sand ABC Song. Hahahaha. I wins some claps, and applause from Rinpoches and Geshe, also from the monks and nuns as well as the 500 peoples who attended the dinner that day.

Haha, i still remembered that someone standing outside the toilet waiting to take picture with me. *^^*

Awww, such an experience to me.


我的主持生涯 My Hosting Life

Early this month, I co-emceed a dinner, my precious experiences because I able to entertain some monks, and nuns including my teacher, Geshe Tenzin Zopa who laughing loud really loud, when i throw some jokes on the stages.

Cameraman was laughing out really loud as well, so the cameraman doesn't really took much of my photos. Well, I did took some pictures with my host, and also my friends.


Wallpapers that I created

My beloved, respectful,
honorable, venerable,
His Holiness,
His Eminence,

Guru Yangsi Kalu Rinpoche the 2nd

KDU College only authentic Buddhism Club religion guru,
His Respect, Venerable
Geshe-la Tenzin Zopa


ThiamHoongBlog officially close down!

Peeps, I deleted my previous blog,
although it still remain there, but i will not update it anymore?

Why i do not delete it?
because there are some precious blogpost that i want to bring to My New Life

So change the link if you followed me!
Change it to kennlife.blogspot.com


My rejoice day - simple thing can make me very happy

It suppose to be a very hesitate boring morning, when my neighbor renovation crews started to drill, hit, and crashing the wall - it was 10 in the morning. I tried not to generate any hatred, because these happened to some of the neighbors here when my brother house were in renovation for pass 2 months, BUT why they still want to drill? Are they planning to tear down the whole piece, and lego it up again?

Anyway, I told myself "is because Buddha wants me to wake up early to practise more loving-kindness instead of sleep sleep and sleep." I woke up after that, well, I bet no one can sleep while the renovation is happening.

As usual, I switch on my laptop (well it was on since yesterday night) I checked who is the slut, moron, and also stupid fellas that spamming their own wall through out the night, well, not much~ quite dissapointed.

Some precious moment happened after i came out from bathroom. Previous days, I was chatting with Kunsang Dorjie Rinpoche, another reincarnated tibetan monk. He requested some helps from me to design refuges card for him - to me, it is my honor, because I can assist rinpoche to do something. Within and hour, I able to design some for him.

After that, I told rinpoche that I want to go for some rest another another quick shower.

After I came out, I noticed My Respected His Eminence Kalu Rinpoche the 2nd, accepted my friend request on Facebook. GGWWAARRGGHH!! I can't really sleep after that because of this shocking news. Kunsang Rinpoche was curious why my facebook still on, and asked me "Aren't you suppose to go for a rest?"

I replied "I am too excited that he accepted the request!"

Until the dinner with family, my face still remained joy, rejoice, happy, excited, hyper. Even my friend Liyana also can see how happy I am.


Random post

It wasn't really good mood today

It started with wake up late (though no lecture)

And sudden internet break down

Well, manage to design some name cards for cottonhaven.blogspot.com

Hope i really help out a little big

Anyway it is for the good sake of cancer month

do visit Cotton Haven at the Bazaar at Hartamas this coming Sunday


Complete vegetarian today

Wasted my time here in my bedroom

I miss someone suddenly


On 20102010, my life change again


A great starts for my new life,

I told myself that after I graduated, I have to try all the jobs in media line.

So on this particular day,

I became a Journalist

A story-digger

The first assignment that I dug is from DJs

and from a movie director


My New Life = Kenn's Life

Hi Peeps,

I just realized that I created so many blogs after I opened this particular one, I am just to meticulous on categorized different story into different blogs, but bear with me.

I maybe will end Thiamhoongblog.blogspot.com due to too many memory that I don't want to recall, and it mixed with so many other things, that it seems like a storage box that not really organized.

My New Life featured my life now, I am trying to update as frequent as I can. And I thinks thats all peeps, and I love u all